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Thumb sucking clinic

This program for habit elimination treatment consists of four to six visits. It deals with thumb and finger sucking, but can also include nail biting, hair chewing, tongue and lip sucking and chewing, and many other oral habits.

Everyone is born with a sucking habit; it is how one nurses for survival. Usually, at age nine months to 3 1/2 years, the child starts drinking from a cup and eating more solid foods and doesn't need to suck. However, many times a pacifier is used, or the child finds his or her thumb or another object, and the sucking habit is continued. At this point, the tongue is unable to rest and swallow correctly, leading to an open bite, cross bite, or some other type of malocclusion.

The program we have developed uses behaviour modification and positive reinforcement. The patient feels so proud to have ceased the habit once and for all!


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is a unique exercise program that corrects muscle function behaviours that can influence occlusion, facial shape, chewing, swallowing and speech. Therapy includes awareness, behavioural modification and a re-education of orofacial muscle patterns. Treatment is designed to develop proper resting postures for the lips, tongue, and jaw by retraining muscle and swallowing patterns to eliminate negative oral habits.
This program is suitable for all ages including children from the age 6 and is tailored to each individuals specific requirements.


Breathing re-education

The Buteyko Breathing Re-education Method.

This is a breathing re-education and life style management programme. Breathing re-education aims to reduce disordered breathing so  your breathing pattern becomes more efficient. Breathing training requires commitment. The program is structured to be user friendly and to be incorporated into everyday living.
The breathing technique can be usually be mastered in 4-5 sessions. This is either in a group setting or individual training sessions. This will be assessed at your initial consultation with the program individually tailored to suit your needs.
The program is for everyone over the age of 4 years.